BS Gear was started with the idea that quality and comfort should always come before margins and that everyone deserved to be in clothes they felt comfortable in.  We always found that you seemed to have to choose between comfort or creativity.  Graphic tees are often printed on cheap promo-wear blanks that feel boxy, don’t fit well, and are not soft.  We set out to fix that.

So what makes us different?  We don’t allow cheap goods to make it onto our list of items for the sole purpose of making a buck.  We ensure that all of our apparel is up to our high-standards.  That means using the best materials, processes, and design techniques to create the best product available.  We also strive to bring as much of that process back to our local businesses as we can to eliminate reliance on foreign goods.

How do we do that?  Well the first issue is that the majority of textile production has slowly moved away from the USA and lead to a large variance in quality.  We search out manufacturers that are able to create as much of their product domestically to ensure higher standards in work conditions, environmental impact, and overall quality assurance. This also allows your hard earned dollar to filter back into local economies which benefit everyone.  

Our goal is to continue to make products we find stylish, comfortable, and sustainable at a price that doesn’t kill your wallet.